No Matter How Dark the Content, Hollywood Noirs Always End with a Hint of Bliss


  1. I guess PRC/Eagle-Lion is independent enough (anachronistically speaking) for DETOUR to be a Hollywood Noir, likewise with D.O.A. But what about KISS ME DEADLY? Wasn't that a studio picture, or was Aldrich just slick enough to make it look like one?

  2. What about the ending of 'Kiss me Deadly?' Does that film qualify as a noir?

    -adam cahan

  3. Yes, Kiss Me Deadly is definitely a noir and has one of the all-time great endings. What I mean by "Hollywood noir" though is a film that shies away from its darkness, is reluctant to confront the gloomy implications of its premises. In that way, the more honest the film, the more satisfactory it is. Unearned happy endings tend to be dishonest. For me, "Hollywood noir" is a pejorative term.